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** Family pet classes for manners and life skills are in progress.  Stay tuned for the next start dates.   Clicker 101 class to come, if you are interested please let us know. 

Email for more information or to go on a waiting list.

** Puppies 1st steps classes with Carole & Angela are running on Monday evenings, please email for time and availability.  $140 + HST.

** AGILITY with Robin - Fall classes coming up.  For upcoming dates and information contact Robin at

** Rally-O classes with Deanna Abbott - Contact Deanna for upcoming dates or information -  

Mat Training
Teaching patience
using props for fun and learning

Our Philosophy

At Teamwork K-9 Training we believe in operant conditioning and force free type training. We use science to teach and train our furry and feathered loved ones. These are a hands-off approach to training which encourages dogs to think for themselves and to earn rewards through offering desired behaviour. Training with these methods result in a more confident and happy dog and also helps them to become more intelligent through problem solving.


These methods help people and their dogs or other types of pets, to work and learn together and creates a strong and trusting bond between them, leading to happy ‘forever’ homes. Our training program encourages the whole family to get involved and creates a valuable learning experience for the dog and their owners. ‘Real life rewards’ help to keep things fun for everyone.

What makes Teamwork Canine different?


  • We are Kingston areas only true Positive Reinforcement, Force Free or Operant Conditioning  teaching facility

  • Our team members

  • Our instructor to student ratio,optimizes learning.

  • We offer solution oriented training.

  • Diverse range of canine education programs

  • Private Instruction available

  • Reactive dog classes 

  • Largest indoor training facility in Kingston area.

  • Centrally located,  good Parking and easy to access.                                    

Our Room is for Rent

Do you want a safe place to practice with your dog? Or a safe place to let your dog run and play?   Do you have a event or class that you need a pet safe place for?   The Teamwork Canine Centre 

can be rented by the half hour, hour, half day, full day or weekend.




are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons. 

1 PM to 5 PM.

All messages will be returned during these times.



differ & operate around class & usage times and schedules.


For class times & availability  Please contact us or check our calendar.


For room rental & personal ring time rental or other funtions at    our facility.  Please contact us or                 check our class times.

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