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Does your dog need

 manners and socializing?


                    At Teamwork Canine we are a  full service client-centered                     team of professionals dedicated to helping you acheive         the results you desire for you and your dog.

The centre

The Teamwork Canine Center is 2400 sqf  of great dog space right in Kingston, where some of the areas best trainers, educators and competitors have come together to offer the very best in Dog education and fun. We are offering everything from new puppy classes to competitive agility, rally-o,  handling etc.  The room is also available for people to rent by the hour or half hour to practice or let your dogs run.  We will have all kinds of workshops, mini workshops, seminars and events.


Watch for our upcoming mini workshops on canine topics including: housetraining, crate training, separation anxiety, loose leash walking, and many many  more.

What makes Teamwork Canine different?


  • We are Kingston areas only true Positive Reinforcement, Force Free or Operant Conditioning  teaching facility

  • Our team members

  • Our instructor to student ratio,optimizes learning.

  • We offer solution oriented training.

  • Diverse range of canine education programs

  • Private Instruction available

  • Reactive dog classes 

  • Largest indoor training facility in Kingston area.

  • Centrally located,  good Parking and easy to access.

   At Teamwork Canine Center, we are all about dogs. We will be offering many different types of classes to meet your families needs.  These classes will be provided by some of the areas top Trainers, educators,competitors and judges.

  There are different pages for different Trainers, class types, events and workshops.  If you cant find the infomation you need or a class you are looking for please feel free to contact us. 

  More information will be added as more classes become available. 

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