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Teamwork K-9 Training, Teaching Philosophy.


   Providing education for people to effectively communicate with and to understand their dogs,

           through the integration of science and humanity.

 Teamwork K-9 Training  believes in positive reinforcement,  operant conditioning and force free training types. We use science to teach and train our furry and feathered loved ones. This is a hands-off approach to training which encourages dogs to think for themselves and to earn payment/rewards through offering desired behaviour.

  Training with these methods result in a more confident and happy dog and also helps them to become more intelligent through problem solving.  

    These methods help people and their dogs or other types of pets, to work and learn together and creates a strong and trusting bond between them, leading to happy ‘forever’ homes. Our training program encourages the whole family to get involved and creates a valuable learning experience for the dog and their owners. ‘Real life rewards’ help to keep things fun for everyone.

Class Information for all sessions

Our classes are  better for all sorts of reasons


- Our classes are fun, full of games, engaging and  you and your dog will feel excited and eager to train 

- Our class sizes are small to make sure all participants get optimum instruction. Typically maximum 6 dogs per trainer

- Each class is 55 minutes in length. 

- You can arrive approximately 5 minutes before the beginning of class, but please wait for the previous class to exit first.

- Leash your dog from your vehicle into training room, and keep your dog on a leash.

- Leashes: 6 foot cotton or 6 foot leather (No retractable leashes or chain leashes allowed.)

- Collars: Flat collars, martingale collars, head halters, or body harnesses are suggested.   (No prong collars are allowed.)

- Instructors will help you decide if different leashes and collars might work best for you and your dog.

 - Running shoes or light hiking boots with traction are advised for the classes as you will be moving most of the time.

- Training tools such as clickers, targets, bait pouches etc. are always recommended and available for purchase.

- Additional classes can be scheduled as needed


Vaccinations: All dogs must have  up-to-date vaccinations, a titre test or note.

Payment:• Payment must be made before the start of each class or class session.

• Payment options: Cash, Visa, MC, Cheque, e-transfer. • HST is charged on all training classes .


For all our second chance dogs.

 All Humane Society  adopted, other rescue or breeder rehome dog  get 10% off! your first set of classes

 So bring your adoption papers from the organization to pay 10 % less. 



                                          For more information on session dates and to sign up for any of our classes,                               please email us at or call     613 572-5398.


Puppies 1st steps:  9 to 16 weeks of age, $140.00  — 6 week  session,  1 hour.   Max 6 dogs per trainer

 THIS CLASS IS ONGOING, SO YOU CAN JOIN ANY WEEK!    You & puppy will learn the importance of socialization. begin basic positive handling & leadership skills.  Our Puppy class is full of learning and fun! We will show you how to build a healthy relationship with your puppy and how to prevent common behaviour problems, promoting a well-adjusted K9 in the community & the family home. In this class we will cover: basic puppy education, ( sit, down, wait, focus & come) puppy husbandry practices, appropriate socialization, leash manners, and ways to prevent common puppy-hood behaviours such as chewing, jumping, barking & digging. Classes are structured to keep your puppies focused and having fun. During class the puppies will get a chance to play with one another, but they will also learn about self-control and recall around other dogs. Each week you will receive homework so the learning can continue at home. 


Life Skills for Puppies: 4 to 8 months of age, $140 and up - 6 week session

Life Skills for Puppies 1:   4 to 8 months  of age, $140.00 + — 6 week  session

The purpose of Puppy Level One class is to give owners the tools to create a foundation that will begin to mold your puppy into a fine outstanding citizen that you will love for life. This includes sit for greeting,  down, stand, walking on loose leash, stay, dog/dog socialization, jumping, chewing, barking, crating, house training, voice cues, hand signals, leave it, watch me, recall, and more.

Starts at $140.00

Mind your manners, teen puppy 2:  8 to 16 months of age,  $140.00 and up  - 6 week session

Mind your manners, teen puppy:  8 to 16 months of age,  $140.00+  - 6 week session                                           

A continuation of learning, This is one of the most difficult ages with dogs. They are teenagers!  With teenage dog brains and it may seem like they've forgotten everything you taught them. They haven’t.  but now is the time to continue on and be consistent.  Keep going over what has been learned and throw in some new fun exciting games. 

Starts at $140.00

Life skills for Dogs: over 1 year of age $140 and up  —   6 week session

Life skills for Dogs: over 1 year of age.    —   6 week session    

For those who missed out on Puppy  class OR didn't but want to keep working and training with their dog. This class will teach and guide owners to control their adult dogs through basic positive training. You will learn how to teach your dog to sit for greeting, down, stand, stay, recall, loose leash walking, jumping, voice cues, hand signals, watch me, Leave It and more.

Starts at $140.00

Clicker 101    - Open to all dogs over 4 months of age. 6 weeks session,  Clicker is included.

WOW these classes are alot of FUN and your dog has no idea they're being trained

Want loads of fun, this class is for you! Its designed to challenge your dog’s brain, while learning great new tricks, playing games and having fun. We will teach you how to shape behaviour using a clicker, and show you the endless possibilities that open up for you and your dog! This course is fantastic option for any dog. 

starts at $135.00

Crate Games; Open to all ages over 12 weeks. 6 weeks session.  

 WOW these classes are FUN!!  and your dog has no idea they're being trained.   Join us and watch your dogs confidence grow as they master these games and more Class size is limited so message or call or message ASAP or you will miss the fun.  When you sign up we will tell you what you need to bring with you. We will be providing some equipment.

Starts at $135.00

Private lessons, One on One at teamwork Canine Centre

 Do you feel you need extra help?  Like things are out of control?  Or your just not getting through to your dog ?   Then come on in for some One on One private lessons, where we can really get down to the nitty gritty of whats going on and make things work for you and your dog without the distractions of other dogs and people.


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